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About Us

Our Backstory

Many talented and skilled tradespeople were driven from the industry years ago when the housing market took a dive and there was a negative shift in the national economy. That economic change, along with the decrease in trades training in schools, has created a national shortage in the construction industry workforce.

Today, consumers are finding themselves in a position to go forward with home renovation projects and updates; and new homes are selling at a rapid pace. With the recent increase in demand for their services, Builders and Remodelers face an unfamiliar predicament – a substantial reduction in available skilled tradespeople to do the work. When the only qualified workers are tied up on someone else’s job, unwelcome delays in the building timeline occur. This creates an issue that is not good for anyone!

The Building Institute is approved by the State of Kentucky’s Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction to provide education and training to students so they can obtain their HVAC license in half the time as going to a trade school.

The Building Institute of Greater Louisville is operated by the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIAGL).   The BIA of Greater Louisville is the trade association for the building & construction industry in the greater Louisville area, with jurisdiction over seven counties.  Members of the BIA of Greater Louisville include home builders, remodelers, commercial developers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC service providers, realtors, insurance agencies, carpenters, industry vendors / suppliers, and more.  For more details about the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville, please visit


  1. How much will it cost? $6,000
  2. Are there payment plans: YES!  We will work with you
  3. What are the hours? 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Monday – Thursday


The Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville is the voice of the building industry by advocating on our members’ behalf, providing member services, setting professional standards and hosting our signature events.


The goal of the Building Institute of Greater Louisville is to provide quality trade education opportunities that will increase the workforce in the construction industry for decades to come.

Join a Growing Movement

Bring back the trades, and gain education and experience without going into a lot of debt. The Building Institute offers flexible training and our graduates are highly employable.