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An Earn-as-You-Learn Trade Program

Join a growing movement and bring back the trades

If you want to start your career without going into a lot of debt, consider learning a trade at the Building Institute of Greater Louisville.  The Building Institute is unlike any other program available today.   Our programs are designed so the student can work during the day and go to school in the evening.  We want you to succeed by giving you all the skills you need in the classroom and out in the field.  Our graduates are highly employable and start earning money while attending school.

HVAC Program

In our accelerated program, you’ll have hands-on training that will teach you the skills you need to install and repair systems, and participate in classes that will provide you with a deeper understanding of the trade.

How long does it take to get licensed?

This is an accelerated program, so it depends on when you start, reach out to admissions for more specific times. During your time with us you’ll receive 300 instruction hours. Each day you’ll increase your skillset and book knowledge. By the end of this program, you’ll be fully confident to take the Journeyman Exam and become a fully certified and licensed HVAC technician.

Electrical Program

Electrical contractors enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities and earn a respectable income. They also enjoy job security – customers need skilled trade professionals to install and service electrical systems in homes and businesses.

How long does it take to get licensed?

Our electrical program can have you licensed in two years!

Join a Growing Movement

Bring back the trades, and gain education and experience without going into a lot of debt. The Building Institute offers flexible training and our graduates are highly employable.